Careers in Art History

Careers in Art History One of the perks of majoring in art history is the wide range of job opportunities available to pursue. Common work settings include museums and art galleries.  Some popular job titles include art restorer, museum registrar, preservationist, archivist, museum technician, and university professor.  Although it is helpful to have a general … Read More

Top Art History PhD programs

Top Art History PhD Programs  For those interested in pursuing a PhD in art history, there are a few qualities to keep in mind when selecting a school to attend. -Extensive library and museum resources -Accomplished faculty members -Student internship opportunities -Study abroad opportunities -Curatorial experiences -Reasonable student-to-faculty ratios Keep reading to find out the … Read More

The Book of Kells: Masterpiece of Illumination

Illumination of manuscripts flourished across the Europe (and in some Islamic scriptoriums) in the middle ages. The process of decorating initial capital letters, margins and borders of pages with gold (silver in a smaller amount) and brilliant colors as well as ornaments and miniature designs evoked the effect of illumination of the writings (hence the … Read More

Why are White Paintings Art?

In 1953 an American graphic artist and painter set up a display in Betty Parsons Gallery in New York. The display featured the White Paintings – modular panels which were painted completely white with minimal alterations in texture due to the brush strokes. The artist’s name was Robert Rauschenberg and today we will take a … Read More

Gabriel Garcia Marquez – The Magical Realist

Gabriel Garcia Marquez is one of the most notable authors of the 20th century. His oeuvre, which contains numerous novels, short stories and essays, deserved worldwide recognition embodied in the Nobel Prize in Literature which was awarded to the Colombian author in 1982. Some of his most noted works include One Hundred Years of Solitude … Read More

Gustav Vigeland – The Molder of Sculpture Interaction

Gustav Vigeland is considered one of Norway’s most notable sculptors to this day. The designer of the Nobel Peace Prize Medal is also the name behind the world’s largest single artist sculpture park – the Vigeland Installation in Frogner Park (Oslo). As a twenty year old, the young man comes from Mandal to Oslo determined … Read More

Chinese Symbology in Painting

Chinese oil paintings and artwork often depict the flora, fauna and mythological symbols revered by the Chinese. Some of the natural symbology includes the peony, the crane, the dragon, the fish, the horse and lotus bloom. Peonies in Chinese Paintings The peony, it is said, is an auspicious flower, known for its honor and riches. … Read More

Stolen Oil Paintings

We love art, as it is often valued by the worth we place on it. Unfortunately, thieves like art because of its value too. According to the international index of stolen art works, called the Art Loss Register, approximately 350,000 works of art are currently recorded. Once a thief realizes however, that he cannot auction … Read More