Why are White Paintings Art?

In 1953 an American graphic artist and painter set up a display in Betty Parsons Gallery in New York. The display featured the White Paintings – modular panels which were painted completely white with minimal alterations in texture due to the brush strokes. The artist’s name was Robert Rauschenberg and today we will take a … Read More

Pop Art 101

Over the last few years, Pop art has emerged on the popular scene once again. Here we will present some general notions about the movement in the 1950s and 1960s as well as mention the notables of the era. Movement of the Commercialized West Pop art emerged in the mid 20th century Great Britain and … Read More

Chinese Symbology in Painting

Chinese oil paintings and artwork often depict the flora, fauna and mythological symbols revered by the Chinese. Some of the natural symbology includes the peony, the crane, the dragon, the fish, the horse and lotus bloom. Peonies in Chinese Paintings The peony, it is said, is an auspicious flower, known for its honor and riches. … Read More

Stolen Oil Paintings

We love art, as it is often valued by the worth we place on it. Unfortunately, thieves like art because of its value too. According to the international index of stolen art works, called the Art Loss Register, approximately 350,000 works of art are currently recorded. Once a thief realizes however, that he cannot auction … Read More

Fun Facts about Leonardo da Vinci

–Leonardo da Vinci is a famous oil painter. However, he did not paint near as many paintings as lesser known artists. After he died, da Vinci left less than 30 paintings, with some not completely finished. –However, that being the case, da Vinci did leave behind hundreds of sketches, drawings and pages of notes. Therefore, … Read More